Happy Thanksgiving Day 2019! What When! Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is one of the great festivals of Canada as well as The United States. As both, the countries celebrate that fest with full joy as well as enthusiasm. As the meaning of that word easily comes from the whole big word as that means to say thanks for anything, as basically here the word suggests that to pay tribute as well as giving thanks to the God for that great life.

In the past time, that festival was celebrated by the farmers as they thank God for the great harvest of that season as God has provided them the fruits of their efforts. Now as the time changes & the other peoples starts to take the interest in that event & now these countries peoples have started to plan for that great day how they will make that day so much advance as well as rememberable & say thanks to the God with a heart.

Thanksgiving Day as the day that took place its own importance at its place & is celebrated all over the world on different 2 dates. Here we will provide our viewers the info regarding that fest for two countries i.e Canada & United States.

When is Thanksgiving Day 2019

Thanksgiving Day 2019

Canada 14th October

The United States 28th November

What is Thanksgiving DAY

Thanksgiving Day is the day which is celebrated from the ancient times by the farmers who give the thanks to God for the great Harvest as God has provided them after their Efforts. As these people also say thanks in several forms by donating 10 % of their crop in any temple or any religious place as well as after collecting amount from selling their Crops into the market.

As here we have discussed that when is Thanksgiving Day or we can say in simple language that when that day is celebrated, now the question arises in our viewer’s mind that “What is Thanksgiving Day”.

Thanksgiving Day is mainly the farmer’s event as they pray to God in thanks form for everything as he has provided them. To make that day great they plan for Langar having (food items like Rice Daal, Halwa (Sweet Dish) after every season. As the Mythology that has made from the very past interval that as these things increase their income level a lot as after taking a lot of blessings from the peoples while they serving these kind of eatable items in the bulk.

So they take more & more interest in these kinds of Social Activities. Now after seeing these farmers having so much interest in that day now the other people of the country have also started to celebrate that event & say thanks to God for the things they have. Jobseekers person try down to celebrate & donate as according to their Payscale & the Businessman donate the amount, things according to his background.

Modern Happy Thanksgiving Day 2019

If we talk about our personal experience as the things we have noticed here that instead of spending more & more money on that fest on donating if u people celebrate that fest with full joy & also say thanks to God with full heart. God only wants full heart prayer otherwise nothing else from his child.

So that is the main info which we have collected about the Happy Thanksgiving Day 2019! What, When! Thanksgiving Day.

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