Happy Thanksgiving Day 2019 US & CANADA! Importance,History

Happy Thanksgiving Day 2019 US & CANADA! Importance, History

Thanksgiving day is celebrated in Canada & US on different 2 dates.As if we talk about the exact schedule, Thanksgiving day is celebrated in Canada on 2nd Monday of October & 4th Thursday of November in the United States.Now in 2019 Thanksgiving day will be celebrated on,,,,,,,,

Let us see the Proper Schedule

Thanksgiving Day 2019



Thanksgiving Day is Usually celebrated for the blessing of the Harvest as well as we can also say giving thanks for the Harvest & for the Proceeding year to the God due to them these all things happen. This event has the historical roots in the religious & the Cultural Traditions. It has also long been celebrated as the Secular Holiday.

if we talk about that festival in the simple language we can say that the main thing behind the celebration of the that great festival is the great output from the Harvest & people stars to celebrate that with full joy as well as enthusiasm.

History of Thanksgiving day

Let us talk about the Canadian History

If we talk about the History of that festival we will start that the first celebration of Thanksgiving Day in North America occurred during the 1578 Voyage of Martin Frobisher from England in Search of North Passage, As the info that we have collected that the origins of the Canadian.

Thanksgiving Day also sometimes traced to the French Settlers who came to New France in the 17th Century who celebrated their Successful Harvests, French Settlers also sharing food with the Indigenous peoples of the area.

Let us take a look on United States Celebration

The President of the United States George Washington proclaimed the First Nationwide Celebration in America marking 26 November 1789 as the day of the public thanksgiving & the Prayer to be observed by acknowledging with the grateful hearts & signal favors of the Almighty God.

IMPORTANCE OF Thanksgiving Day

As in the above Paragraph here we have discussed that the main importance behind the celebration of that fest is basically giving thanks to God with the great hearts

God has Provided the fruits of their efforts of last few months interval & these peoples try down to give their every possible effort to celebrate that festival & try to make that so much interesting as well as rememberable.

So that’s the main whole info about that great festival

Now In last, let us again recall that in brief for our viewers

  • Thanksgiving day 2019 CANADA 14TH OCTOBER
  • Thanksgiving day 2019 UNITED STATES 28TH NOVEMBER

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